Monday, 14 February 2011

little bit of nothing

This other post went badly wrong, so I decided to redo it :)

I went to Bath a couple of weekends ago for what i call a 'shoppet with no purpose'. I brought only 3 things, but my god were they worth it.

The first thing I managed to con out of my father was a Blue Harbour men's jumper from M&S 

Unfortunately I cannot upload a picture but if you visit the website link above you will see the jumper. It is 100% Lambswool, the softest on this earth!

Next I brought a bag from acessorise which i think you will agree is absolutely stunning! was £32 though, i have way too expensive taste....
And lastly I brought a superdry tee which was £19 very nice :)
Sorry I will need to be off, and sorry the last one went so shitty :L