Sunday, 30 October 2011

end of half term..

This half term i went to Cornwall as you probably already know with emily.
we went to a place called looe and it was very enjoyable.
this is a bit of a boring post, just thought i'd let you all know what i'd been up to

Sunday, 9 October 2011


Trying to get my parents get me a new phone is hurrendous.. not recommended. I'm on a 2 year contract, and it doesnt finish till March. but my dad did say that he would buy me one in november when his contract is up..

Considering i need to pay a penalty anyway for leaving beloved orange, virgin is calling.

So now the object of today is to let the parents get me the phone either today or next weekend..

As i am going to Cornwall in the half term, it would be much more useful to have a blackberry when i go rather than my crap samsung piece of poo...

Sorry about this post, it doesnt really have anything to do with anything ;L

Comment if there is a particular post you would like me to do?

I appreciate this guys!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

quick trip on a sunday


So today i went out with Emily, unplanned which was awkwardd. we had a lovely day, and decided to go to town on a sunday, nowhere was really open except new look and superdrug..oh and poundland..:L

i was doing 'foundation window shopping' but ended up buying one..

This is a l'oreal one which the reviews said was reallyy good
and i have to agree, its very soft on the skin and whatnot. everything you really want from a foundation :)

any requests for a post, comment below

Saturday, 1 October 2011

crisp autumn leaves

wow. i really need to get my act together with this blogging lark. who knew it would be so hard. but dont worry, because now i have got a perfect reason to sit in bed and blog. im ill :( sickness bugs really do get on my nerves, especially when its actually a nice day and everything.. oh well...

so what can we start with today...

i went to my bezzie's yesterday with a couple of other people to watch scary movies; we watched one called hit and run, aka bumper.

it wasnt really that scary to be quite honest, but the others found it very scary. 
im not going to go into detail about what it was about, look it up if your interested, it is definately a great watch :)

i have a very hectic life now, what was gcse's building up, homework, theatre groups, friends, relationships... its too much to handle.
which is way in a way its nice to be ill once in a while, to relax

i have been looking at all fashion blogs on here, of course only skimming them, i havent exactly had all the time in the world. nevertheless, this is a new gemma.

im going to cornwall with emily in the october half term, which shall be great fun.

im going to do another blog later on this weekend but this was just a post to tell you i havent really forgotten about everyone :)

any requests on a post comment below!