Wednesday, 29 June 2011

mac wants NOW.


omg!, looking over the mac website for the past 3 weeks has not been healthy. lets start at the beginning;
1// this lip conditioner stick SPF 15 is amazing. my friend has it and i tried a bit and my lips literally automatically went the sofest they have ever gone. If you ever talk to my mum she will say i have far too many lip balms, but its MAC! come on....

2// This milan mode lipstick also gives off soft texture for the lips. i already own a nude coloured lipstick from mac, but dont really wear it often as i want it to stand out. i found this pink and literally thought, OMFG I LOVE THIS!

3// this is pro longwear SPF 10 foundation is supposed to be really good and light on the face. i would love to try it out, but it is so expensive, any thoughts on whether i should?

4// finally this pro longwear concealer is also supposed to be amazing! shall i try?

i literally have enough money for one mac item, please can someone tell me out of the above which would be the best?

Sunday, 12 June 2011


right, im back with blogging again, i have been so busy its unreal. making a writing an essay on the holocaust is not a happy or fun subject, but it has to be done. unfortunately this post is just to tell you this information, as i have nothing prepared. i was just sorting out my twitter soo thats all good :)

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

weekend wishlist #3


Wow. i haven't done a post in a while and i'm very sorry about that. but dont worry, here is a weekend wishlist
1// these sandels are just the prettiest things. there are some people that dont like gladiator style sandals but i love them but unfortunately they make my legs look stumpy :( i suppose thats what you get for being small....

2// this shirt is really nice, although i have a thousand other checked shirts all from jack wills, i wanted a change and went for a topshop one. :)

3// these hotpants are just lovely. i find denim shorts really uncomfortable especially in the heat of the summer, they tend to get sticky and damp and take a while to dry out. These beauties would be great on my legs, but they are pricey as they are topshop... 

4//  I do like these shorts although i shall contradict myself and say they are busy. I dont usually like stripey things, especially tee's as i think they make me look fat, although these shorts are high-waisted so that may take busyness to a new level.

sorry this is only topshop clothes,