Wednesday, 29 June 2011

mac wants NOW.


omg!, looking over the mac website for the past 3 weeks has not been healthy. lets start at the beginning;
1// this lip conditioner stick SPF 15 is amazing. my friend has it and i tried a bit and my lips literally automatically went the sofest they have ever gone. If you ever talk to my mum she will say i have far too many lip balms, but its MAC! come on....

2// This milan mode lipstick also gives off soft texture for the lips. i already own a nude coloured lipstick from mac, but dont really wear it often as i want it to stand out. i found this pink and literally thought, OMFG I LOVE THIS!

3// this is pro longwear SPF 10 foundation is supposed to be really good and light on the face. i would love to try it out, but it is so expensive, any thoughts on whether i should?

4// finally this pro longwear concealer is also supposed to be amazing! shall i try?

i literally have enough money for one mac item, please can someone tell me out of the above which would be the best?

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