Wednesday, 1 June 2011

weekend wishlist #3


Wow. i haven't done a post in a while and i'm very sorry about that. but dont worry, here is a weekend wishlist
1// these sandels are just the prettiest things. there are some people that dont like gladiator style sandals but i love them but unfortunately they make my legs look stumpy :( i suppose thats what you get for being small....

2// this shirt is really nice, although i have a thousand other checked shirts all from jack wills, i wanted a change and went for a topshop one. :)

3// these hotpants are just lovely. i find denim shorts really uncomfortable especially in the heat of the summer, they tend to get sticky and damp and take a while to dry out. These beauties would be great on my legs, but they are pricey as they are topshop... 

4//  I do like these shorts although i shall contradict myself and say they are busy. I dont usually like stripey things, especially tee's as i think they make me look fat, although these shorts are high-waisted so that may take busyness to a new level.

sorry this is only topshop clothes, 

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