Tuesday, 26 April 2011

dress £10 camden market.

this is a beautiful dress and i couldn't help myself from buying it when i went to camden. this is only a short post i'm afraid but i just wanted to show you. i really love it and i hope you do too.

i'm a bit stuck for ideas so if you have anything you want me to review or anything please let me know either commenting on this post or on my email

Monday, 25 April 2011

weekend wishlist #2

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my second post of today, good going i think. this is my weekend wishlist. 

#1 this black flower print sundress from topshop is beautiful. I love wearing dresses in the summer, i cannot stand sweating in denim. the only downside is that it is £36 and i spent all of my money in camden yesterday. unfortunately i will have to save up for a few weeks before buying. 

#2 people may hate shorts like these but they are honestly gorgeous! miss selfridge is most probably my favorite shop, but so expensive. these shorts are £32 and that means again, i cannot afford them which is horrible. they have some like these in primark, but i want to spend my money on good materials.

#3 this blouse is gorgeous. thats all i can say. topshop has again proved why i love it with a £32 cream crochet collar swing top. just plain lushness that would work perfectly with my blue belted pleated shorts from miss selfridge!

#4 these wedges from matalan are gorgeous, but mum is horrible and won't let me get them. bearing in mind she would be buying them it helps if she likes them. their only £16 which is cheap for my kind of shoes!

camden markett

speakers corner//random bike//coke cocktail//me and emily//jelly statue//hi bye sushi bar//creme eggs//speakers corner again

just a few snaps of camden where i went yesterady with emily connick.

Friday, 22 April 2011

you got a fast car....

Yesterday my friend Emily Connick came round, you may have heard of her blog; click right here. She is amazingg, and while we were having a pointless trip to town where half of the shops would be shut, i found the most gorgeous lipstick known to man. Check it out.

It is honestly amazing, and the colour is so pretty, unfortunately you cannot see the colour very well on this picture, i would describe it as a slightly laid-back shocking pink, perfect for the summer. 
Especially if you have pale skin, bright lipstick colours such as red and pink are certainly the best for you to wear.

Thats all for now ladies, 

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

top of the morning to yaa

So i had a busy week in the land of Ireland. See what i did there. land. ireland. never mind. my sense of humour is wasted on you.

Back to the point, i spent the last 6 days in Ireland with a family that my father knows. Unfortunately they have been through there troubles. i won't pour out the details and bore you but it has made me realise the values of life. We take the world for granted, and people don't appreciate the lives that others live that can lead to tradgey and heartache. 

My family own some of the land in aghada, lower and upper.

That is all for now, sorry there is no pictures i haven't uploaded them yet, i shall soon.