Tuesday, 6 September 2011

teenage dirtbag baby.

1// Mac Lipstick Creme Cup
2// Abercrombie Hoodie
3// Mac Eyeshadow Filament

So sorry i havennt blogged in a little while, i have been off travelling america. well, we got caught up in the hurricane, which was fun for a little while, but then all the power went out.. anyway, whilst i was over there, i purchased a few items.

numero uno is the mac lipstick, Creme Cup. Slighty pink, i had a pro help me choosing the correct type of pink to suit my face, and this is what they came up with.

numero dos is the abercrombie hoodie i have been wanting since forever. its got a cute furry hood, and i was chuffed that it is £120 but in america i only paid $88 which worked out at £60!

numero tres is a mac eyeshadow called filament. it is brown grey with a hint of glitter. i orginally wanted one that was going to look natural on my eyes, but this one sort of does because its not a sharp colour.

if anyone has anyy requets of posts they would like me to do, just comment :)