Sunday, 9 October 2011


Trying to get my parents get me a new phone is hurrendous.. not recommended. I'm on a 2 year contract, and it doesnt finish till March. but my dad did say that he would buy me one in november when his contract is up..

Considering i need to pay a penalty anyway for leaving beloved orange, virgin is calling.

So now the object of today is to let the parents get me the phone either today or next weekend..

As i am going to Cornwall in the half term, it would be much more useful to have a blackberry when i go rather than my crap samsung piece of poo...

Sorry about this post, it doesnt really have anything to do with anything ;L

Comment if there is a particular post you would like me to do?

I appreciate this guys!


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  2. Did you get the phone? I'm with Virgin and they are good, I was thinking of getting a blackberry when my contracts up, but I'm not sure now with all the problems they've had xxx

  3. @fashionFreak/Mihaela thankyou so much, yes i'll follow, follow back :)

    @Funny Little Frog no i didnt get the phone, im getting it this saturdaay! yes but that was in the past, they have sorted their problems out now hopefully! :) xxx